6 Traits of Ibadur-Rahman

In Surah al-Furqan, Allah has mentioned thirteen traits of His special servants whom He has bestowed the honourable title of “Ibad-ur-Rahman.”

  1. They walk on the earth humbly (25:63)
  2. When the ignorant people speak to them they reply peacefully (25:63)
  3. Those who pass the night prostrating and standing before their Lord (25:64)
  4. Those who say, “Our Lord, avert from us the punishment of Jahannam.” (25:65)
  5. Those who, when they spend, are neither extravagant nor miserly. (25:67)
  6. Those who do not invoke any other God along with Allah (25:68)
  7. Do not kill a person whom Allah has given sanctity, except rightfully, (25:68)
  8. Nor do they fornicate; and whoever does it, shall face the recompense of his sin, (25:68)
  9. Those who do not witness falsehood, and when they pass by the absurd things, Pass by them with dignity, (25:72)
  10. Those who, when they are reminded of the verses of their Lord, do not fall at them as deaf and blind ones, (25:73)
  11. Those who say, Our Lord, Give us, from our spouses and our children, comfort of eyes… (25:74)
  12. …make us heads of the God-fearing. (25:74)
  13. Such people will be rewarded with the high place – because they observed patience… (25:75)

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