3 Ways to protect yourself from Dajjal The Antichrist

  1. Memorise the first 10 Ayat of Surah Kahf
    “Whoever commits to memory the first ten Ayat of the Surat Al-Kahf, will be protected from (the trial of) Ad-Dajjal.” (Muslim)
  2. Turn To Allah with the duaa of the Prophet
    O Allah! I seek refuge in You from the torment of Hell, from the torment of the grave, from the trials of life and death, and from the mischief of Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal (Antichrist).” (Muslim)
  3. Flee from him
    “Let him who hears of the Dajjal go far from him for I swear by Allah that a man will come to him thinking he is a believer and follow him because of confused ideas roused in him by him.” (Abu Dawud)

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